Virtual CFO Services

First time review of accounts – structuring of cost / profit centers, review of account head classification with a view to making it more meaningful in line with the industry / specific enterprise requirements and enabling extraction of inputs for MIS.

Preparation of Budget based on forecasting and discussion with functional heads in the company, and the overall management perspective about growth parameters.

Vetting of accounts on a monthly / quarterly basis as may be required with a view to enable computation of applicable statutory liabilities, reviewing of performance levels – comparison of actuals with budgeted heads and analysis of variance levels

Review of Cash flows to assess usage of funds- to understand the sources and application of funds, whether there is mismatch in respect of long term /short term funds vis-à-vis long term / short term uses, Revenue/capital receipts vis-à-vis capital/revenue outflows

Providing advice to management in respect of movement of key financial indicators, and corrective steps to be initiated

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