Setting Up New Business

An entrepreneur starting a new business might typically fall into any one or more of the below variants.

Besides the operations -oriented protocols, commencing a business today in India means observing compliances under multiple laws with reasonable accuracy and correctness of data on a consistent basis.

HVCS Recommends the Following Step-by-Step Methodology


Typically, the most ignored aspect is the choice of the type / structure / vehicle in which the business is supposed to be carried on.  An entrepreneur is generally guided by peer direction or some thoughtless advice or by one’s own judgement and decision. An inappropriate choice exercised at this stage might lead to unwarranted wastage of resources and time.

At HVCS, we provide focused advice on this aspect via a session: “Pre-commencement counselling” wherein our core team would brainstorm with the entrepreneur with an objective to understand the mindset, business plans, profile of stakeholders, market potential, financial model, etc, based on which an appropriate structure would be planned.

Then comes the formation process, which would be handled by our execution team- the various options being: Proprietary concern / Partnership Firm/Company-Private Limited or Public Limited/Limited Liability Company/OPC (One Person Company).

Capital Structure and Investment Modelling

Decision would be arrived at in respect of the overall capital structure that would be required – Promoters’ stakes, Debt component – most workable and feasible, Tranches of funding required- nature of investor – Strategic/Financial/other, planning end use, whether to register as Start up, etc

Trade Mark / IP/Brand Registration

If the promoter/entrepreneur has already developed an unique product or conceptualized an idea or framed a domain name or brand, we would handhold the process of introducing it into the business entity, initiate steps to enable registration of the same, enable valuation of the same and thus, build safeguards in respect of replication or duplication in a legal perspective. In such a case, we would create a Founder’s agreement that legally establishes the rights, ownership, responsibilities, dispute resolution and other terms executed between the founders and the company.

HVCS provides end-to-end seamless support in respect of commencement of a business in India

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