Sexual Harassment Policy & Training


The PoSH (Prevention of Women from Sexual Harassment Act) 2013. Act was formulated with the core objective of protecting women employees against Sexual Harassment and promising a safe, secure and dignified working environment for them. As per the PoSH Act, every employer (company) should organise workshops and awareness programmes at regular intervals for sensitising the employees with the provisions of the PoSH Act and orientation programmes for the members of the Internal Committee. There are many other compliances under the PoSH Act which companies have to undertake. 

We provide the following services w.r.t. PoSH Act:
  • Setting up a PoSH compliance mechanism.

  • Conduct employees’ awareness programme

  • Provide training/ awareness material for Employees and committee members.

  • Conduct orientation programmes and seminars for members of the internal Committee.

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