Advisory on Valuation

Companies face different challenges when they try to grow in fast changing business environment . In such situations, a strong need to business valuation might arise. The reasons could be while raising funds or in a M&A transaction, issue of ESOP or for a new project. An objective and independent valuation is warranted coupled with prudent & pragmatic advisor on the valuation. HVCS has in its midst expert advisors who can provide a holistic and comprehensive advisory & guidance on valuation. We have an arrangement with a leading Merchant Banker for host of services including valuation.   We also have experienced registered valuers (covering all classes of assets) as our Associates.

Our services include
  • To assess appropriateness of valuation methodology in a given situation and critical appraisal of the valuation report & its inference.
  • To carry out quick guidance valuation as a pre transaction advisory including suggestions on Go- No Go and modification/changes to be made in the plan as may be required.
  • To provide valuation by registered valuer or merchant banker as may be required by clients through our associate Valuers & Merchant Banker.

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