Sathya Sundaresan HR Consultant

Sathya  who currently resides in Germany is remotely engaged as an independent HR consultant & talent coach to HVCS corporate solutions pvt ltd . She had formally completed her coach training from Grow More Avenues in 2020 and earned the ICF ACC (Associate certified coach) credential in 2021 to lend both credibility & effectiveness to the whole intervention. 

Sathya strongly believes in the limitless power of an individual beyond the scope of his/her imagination. She has partnered with diverse individuals including career starters/trainees, early & mid career professionals, students, entrepreneurs, young leaders on both life & executive coaching programs.  In little over a year, she had the opportunity to do coaching engagements for both a small team as well as for an assistant manager, in line for a career progression in a reputed auto conglomerate.

With 150+ hours of coaching experience, Sathya enjoys this creative and thought-provoking partnership with individuals and teams. Although relatively young  in terms of experience compared to many other senior coaches, she believes that her core strengths lie in: building rapport, client centricity, providing a safe space for her clients to experience self-awareness and sincerity in upholding the spirit of coaching.  Sathya also enjoys working on voluntary coaching initiatives  and has partnered with undergraduate & postgraduate students. Her objective is to make coaching accessible to everyone and is looking forward to  collaborating with many more individuals/organizations in fostering the growth mindset.

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